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        A joint-stock enterprise integrating research, industry and trade

        Specializing in the research, development and promotion of chemical technology products

        Product Center

        Basic raw material
          Product Name Cas No. Detail
           1,2-diaminocyclohexane    694-83-7 detail>>
           Methyl 3-oxohexanoate    30414-54-1 detail>>
           Methyl isobutyrylacetate    42558-54-3 detail>>
           Methyl 3-oxovalerate    30414-53-0 detail>>
           Chloromethyl pivalate    18997-19-8 detail>>
           Lithium aluminum hydride    16853-85-3 detail>>
           Ethyl acetoacetate    141-97-9 detail>>
           Methyl acetoacetate    105-45-3 detail>>
           Piperazine    110-85-0 detail>>
           Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)    67-68-5 detail>>
           Diethyl carbonate    105-58-8 detail>>
           Dimethyl carbonate    616-38-6 detail>>
           1,2-Propanediol    57-55-6 detail>>