Everything You Need To Know About Gymshark.com

There are many fitness brands that come and disappear after some time but a company that has seen nothing but the constant growth is the UK based clothing company Gymshark. It is a fitness clothing and accessories manufacturer and online retailer that is supported by more than 3 million subscribers on the multiple social media platforms. Adding to its popularity is the fact that firm has the customer base from 131 countries.

Started from a garage in the year 2012 by two friends Lewis Morgan and Ben Francis, Gymshark has seen a tremendous growth and turned into one of the most recognizable and fastest growing fitness brands in the world. All the credit behind this growth is the sheer devotion of creating innovative and effective wear.

The brand has a great collection of fitness wear for both men and women that include base layers, shorts, hoodies, socks, gym bags, bottles, caps and much more. Many top bodybuilders and fitness models such as Lex Griffin, Matt Ogus and Marc Fitt and many other famous fitness personalities are associated to GymShark that encourage young gym enthusiasts to buy their clothing and fitness accessories.

Gymshark has targeted young gym addicts who want to always look good. Keeping that in mind, they have not compromised with the quality and that’s exactly what sets them apart. The clothes use good quality material which is specially created to be worn for the gym and when you are out of the gym these clothes are well designed to make you look stylish as well.

Gymshark has the collection of some of the popular t-shirts and tops worn by famous fitness models. The shirts are designed to especially accentuate the shape of your body as they are more fitted and tapered around your midsection than a regular shirt.

Every year they are expanding their customer base by shipping to more number of countries. At present, they are shipping almost till Australia, United States and Canada, though there is a significant longer shipping period for European countries. However, they hold very straightforward approach and has been consistently working on the delivery service to make it more efficient. In the UK, the orders are delivered within 24 to 48 hrs and almost 6 to 10 business days for the delivery in Ireland. The website is user-friendly and customers can easily browse through separate categories of men and women clothing along with new collections.

Overall GymShark offers good value for your money with the high-quality products. Try their base layers and tapered t-shirts to highlight your toned body. There are a whole lot of fitness models on Youtube or Instagram with their own Gymshark discount codes where you can easily get 10% off. You can also look for sale outlet section on the website to find some exclusive pieces of fitness apparel on sale from time to time which can save you few quid on the order!